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About Ghislaine

Ghislaine was born in a small French mining town in the late 50’s. Being in an Awakened State, she could see beyond this reality of Consciousness which was not received or recognized well at that time.

She had a challenging time adjusting to her environment, since people around her didn’t understand her perception and dreams. She saw everyone as equal, was very sensitive and her dreamtime was mostly about futuristic elements.

By the time she was in her early 20’s, she started going back to her spiritual roots by researching everything about Energy Healings such as; Reiki, Hands on Healing, Distant Healings, Numerology, Astrology, Astronomy, Chakras, Colors, Emotions, Belief Systems, Thought Patterns, Intuition, Negative Energies, Auras, Tarot Cards, she read and studied different means of connecting with Energies through meditation until she could find a resonance within her.

After couple years of working with the Divine Universal Light and Angels, releasing and healing negative energies from her unconscious mind, body and energy fields, a clear understanding on how emotions worked and how to heal them surfaced.

Teacher and Healer

Ghislaine is a compassionate Teacher/Healer that sees energies on all levels. As a Pillar of Light, she allows the Universal Light and Healing Beings to work through her as a channel to bring guidance and healing to her clients. Once you are in her presence, you will feel welcome, respected and valued.

She makes you aware of what is out of balance, releases what you no longer need, rebuilds energy grids with Pure Light, teaches how to accept, and release negative thoughts and emotions which become toxic and entangled in your body.

As her clients heal, they become enlightened and consciously aware of how to work within their Inner World, freeing them from the outside world of blame and guilt.

Consciousness Healing is about creating a Divine Space of Healing; to accommodate a peaceful and calm mind; to allow your awareness to take you to your True Self; finding your way to your Inner World of Love, Acceptance, and Joy and allowing it to shine bright.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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