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Calming your Emotions

Negative thoughts and feelings seem to get the best of us sometimes and there is a way of calming them to a peaceful state. Acknowledging, accepting and embracing the thoughts and emotions, allows them to surface to the mind like a breeze of air, this is easy enough, right! The problem is these emotions are like little people residing in your inner world which need to be acknowledged. The more you deny them attention the more forceful they become.

For example, you had a long day and are frustrated with your boss. You get home to a messy house and the children are fighting. Well, what now… thoughts are racing through your mind and emotions are flaring up and you are ready to explode. Wait… let stop right here!

Find a peaceful area in your home, sit or lie down, close your eyes and start breathing.

I find this quick clear out very useful when my body has absorbed a lot of negative energies. You can have someone read it to you slowly until you get comfortable with it. Once you have done it a few times, this can be done within a minute and feel a shift instantly. I call it my “Instant Clear Out”. I go into my heart and state: “Activate my Instant Clear Out” and it goes quickly through the whole motion.

Instant Clear Out

Deeply breathe in from your nose and gently out your mouth and again until your breathing calms all the energies rushing through and around your body; breathing in Divine Grace and breathing out what is troubling you.

Bring your focus into your heart centre; this is where Love Energy resides.

With intent ask your heart to connect to the heart of the Divine Universal Light; this is your highest light, your Goddess/God self.

Feel the love in your heart growing.

With intent ask this Pure Love Energy to be brought down through your head, down the back of your head, between your shoulder blades and to the back of your heart centre.

Continue breathing in and out gently feeling the Love and Peace in your heart.

Imagine a beautiful Sun shinning through your Heart.

Expend this Sun all around you filling every part of your body, including your veins and the sacred blood running through them that gives you life, all your organs, muscles, DNA, RNA, clearing your mind to a total peacefulness.

Continue breathing in and out gently.

With intent ask your Heart to connect to the Heart of the Divine Mother Earth; as you heal, you are also assisting mother earth in her healing.

From her Heart, imagine a Divine Nurturing Light being brought up through your feet, all the way through and around your body and out through your head connecting to the Heart of the Divine Universal Light. You are now a Golden Pillar of Light filled with Pure Love and Nurturing Light.

Continue expanding your Pillar of Golden Light through your Etheric body, Mental body, Emotional body, Spiritual body and all that you are.

Now with intent invite your Divine Higher Self, to be part of you, accepting, embracing all that you are.

State: “I AM THAT I AM”

This is a very powerful statement of pure light; Your Divine Light.

Imagine a Glowing Sun above you, its spinning to a frequency of Divine Compassion.

Surround your self with this Light seeing yourself at the centre of it.

Allow yourself to vibrate to this frequency of Divine Compassion.

What doesn’t vibrate to this frequency cannot come in.

What doesn’t vibrate in your inner world to compassion is uplifted and healed.

Feel this Divine Alignment, the love, the nurturing, the peace, the compassion; this is your True Self, the Divine Expression of your Infinite Self glowing in total harmony.

Continue breathy gently and become aware of your body and open your eyes when you are ready.

The following helps clear out the thoughts and emotions lingering around you. After you have activated your Instant Clear Out and are still in your Divine Infinite State, follow the next steps.

Imagine Your Island

Now imagine yourself on an island, you can make it as wonderful as you want with flowers, plants and so on; it has this beautiful waterfall, you can sit near it or walk into the warm water, sense the energy of this sacred water and its healing properties. You feel balanced and in harmony with it.

In this sacred place you can heal your thoughts and emotions by simply asking them to join you. Bringing forth one thought/emotion at a time, embracing it with gratitude and asking it what it is teaching you. This brings it to light and allows a connection to your consciousness to happen.

To release the negative activity in it, sense the area in your body where this thought/emotion is sitting.

Breathe in the energy of the sacred water into that area or bath it directly into the warm water, seeing it getting lighter and brighter, being purified and transformed until it glows with harmony.

Breathing in and out gently

Move to the other side of the island, you will find there a variety of structures. Some might be huts others are what ever you would like to build on your island.

Here you bring your healed thoughts/emotions to reside. You are providing them with a wonderful place to exist in peace, joy and harmony and can visit them at any time to learn more about their teachings.

Breathe in and out gently

Now you are ready to come back, feel your body, move your fingers and toes and open your eyes when ready.

Validating Emotions

The purpose of this exercise is to build a connection between your unconscious and conscious mind which will allow you to become more aware and in control of your mind.

The thoughts/emotions healed in this meditation are bringing to your consciousness the awareness that they are not enemies, if treated with respect; they won’t act out for attention and once in balance will become your tools.

As you get more comfortable with your new awareness you will be able to defuse an emotion with just pure intention and not act on it. Calling the emotion by name; for example you can gave it a form (Person, an object, whatever comes to your mind) of some type and say; “(Name of Emotion) I see you need a hug”, by acknowledging this part of you, this will show it that you are accepting it as part of your make-up and you will feel a release.

Once you have mastered this concept, your emotions become tools. They make you aware when something is out of balance or if you are picking up energies from other people.

Note: People around you might tell you that your emotions are not valid, that it is silly to feel a certain way. The truth of the matter is; emotions and thoughts are energies and energies flow through us no matter what.

Therefore to take it a step further, Compassion is the feeling of accepting yourself and others and allowing space in order to be and to do, even if you do not understand. It does not mean you should let people walk all over you.

Setting boundaries with what you will accept in your life will create an agreement between yourself and others where self respect will sit.

By perceiving the information coming from your observation for the reality it is, holds no judgment or blame but simply the reality of what is in front of you. Calling it for what it is!

For example, you see someone screaming across the street, now you call it for what it is… “Person screaming across the road might need help”. This is a true statement for your perception in balance with reality.

As a judgment, it would look like this: “OMG! Did you see this stupid person screaming across the street, sooo... annoying, what’s the matter with this person, like really!!” and could probably be taken even further than this.

Perception where a logical observation is made can assess what is truth or not in your reality.

Judgment on the other hand promotes a right or wrong about yourself, someone or something.

Detachment from the situation brings your truth into light and holds your boundaries.

Gentleness with Yourself and Others is the path of your Divineness.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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