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Behaviour and attitude which is based on perception, controls the emotional maturity which is part of our growth. At this time we are all part of an evolution, for some, men have been the destructive power behind the scenes and women are the passive voice.

In our society, some men have denied the full existence of women, looking at them as lesser and have imposed their control issues onto them. Women have identified with this perception for a long time, since it has been passed on from generation to generation.

Consequently, some women have rejected the male and closed themselves off to Love and Wisdom in order to accommodate the violence which still is in full mode now a days.

In order to really comprehend the reality here, let’s say men need to understand that vulnerability is a strength, which when put into motion connects to Love. By listening and acknowledging the female and respecting her wisdom this creates a union in action. Now, as for the woman, she needs to understand by speaking her truth and standing within her wisdom with confidence, without dependence on the male for rescue. This will empower the relationship and allow the male to build his own strength without having to use violence or control.

Therefore, in order to have a balanced relationship between male and female, both need to be eager participants and respect the woman’s creation in order for the man to move it into action.

The same goes for couples of the same sex. One person in the relationship might exert more of the female energy and the other the male energy.

Our Female and Male Energy

Within our own body exists a Female and Male energy and yes it is part of both women and men. The Male energy entrust us with the will to do and the Female energy with inner wisdom.

In order to bring both in balance, we need to recognize their strengths within us.

At this time most of us are running the Female energy in the negative by not trusting our intuition. We deny ourselves to speak up and express our wisdom and truth. The Female energy is Love in motion and is nurturing. She is the part of you which creates.

On the other hand the Male energy in the negative does not listen or support the flow to move forward in all actions. He is the power behind what the Female creates to be put into motion.

Therefore, by being aware of the Female and Male energy within you and their purpose, you can bring into balance both their strengths and create a wonderful flow within you and bring your creation to life.

The key here is that: “Female = Wisdom and Male = Action.”

The Potential Is Phenomenal

For example, if the Male energy is out of sync with their female energy, it creates anger and the victim lashes out at the unacknowledged Female within themselves putting judgement on her wisdom. Then the Female energy becomes quiet.

This is where you encounter many males denying their Female energy. They perceive Female energy belonging to women and Male energy to man. In reality both energies reside within both genders.

As for the Female energy being out of balance with her Male Energy, she knows what to do and how to stand in her truth but avoids the Male energy for support and action.

The ones who are in balance with their Male energy know and are able to accomplish remarkable things in this world. The Female energy is at the forefront guiding and bringing forth the wisdom required for the Male energy to assess the true vision in order to accomplish and to put it into motion.

Male energy embellishes the Female energy. The Female energy needs to be introduced within and accepted in order for the awareness to take form.

The inner journey to wholeness for the Female energy is different, since it requires raising female qualities to their full dignity with the male Energy. The Male energy needs to deflate their control and dominance.

All in all, in exploring your inner Female and Male energy and their strengths, you will become aware of the wisdom which both bring to you, and how life can be filled with Joy and Gratitude. This is the way to your Whole and Completeness of your Being.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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