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What Stands in the Way of Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is an energy that binds us to our heart. Forgiveness is the neutralizer at the gate between our Shadow and our Light. Pain dwells in our Shadow; Love rests in our Light.

Forgiveness can be challenging, since we perceive most of our pain to be brought on by the outside world.

Actually, emotional pain is felt by non-understood energy flowing through us when we encounter an uncomfortable situation. Our mind associates these energies with something felt in an earlier time which is stored in the unconscious part of the mind.

For example: You encounter a person that is impatient, what you feel around this individual is what she/he is projecting from their energy field, “Impatience”. As you sense unconsciously this energy coming towards you, your emotional body is triggered and on the alert. By respecting this message and calling it for what it is; “this is Impatience” it will guide you to respond in a compassionate way. It’s like greeting this emotion by acknowledging its presence.

On the other hand, if the emotional message is received and handled through your mind, which associates it to a past event, surges of emotions will surface like a huge wave of discomfort and put you into a defence protective mode.

What is a Defence Protective Mode?

This is a structure put into place when as children we needed to feel safe. As life progressed, this system of safety became stronger, building walls in front of the heart.

Love Energy enters the heart when invited with gratitude and respect. In order for our body to be healthy and vibrant, this Love Energy needs to flow through our heart and our body.

The protective mode is built with the energy of fear, anger and shame. Walls get thicker as we add resentment, hatred, sadness and unworthiness.

This creates chaos in our Inner World and provides for illusions of victimization to be created. Once in full force this victim goes on the attack to protect everything behind the walls.

What do You Need to Protect?

Illusions, illusions, all illusions; Our mind fools us by activating events and the emotions attached to it in order to keep us in victimhood which is the unloved part, crying out.

When you remind yourself, where you are in this exact moment, this is true reality. The rest does not exist since it has past long ago.

This is when forgiveness begins; becoming aware of your walls and the Warrior at the door protecting it all.

Start forgiving anyone who has hurt you and was part of creating your Victim. Also ask forgiveness of others for they were also wounded by your Warrior.

It is through forgiving yourself and others with a Truthful Heart that the Warrior and the Victim can be freed and Love can start shinning in your Inner World.

When forgiving, it does not mean that the actions and reactions imposed on to you and others were right. Forgiveness is about refusing to carry negative energies that no longer serve you and to remove obstacles blocking your Light.

Embrace each and every emotion that surfaces, they have been ignored and deprived of Love for a long time. You will be amazed by the shift this creates within you.

You are a Being of Light in a third dimensional world, learning to grow through the experience of energy vibrations which comes in all form and colors.

As your awareness vibrates to a higher energy, you will discover the higher dimensional world of Divine Wisdom.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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