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Shadow Of Illusion

Everyday in our lives our mind is doing the walking. Our body helps by moving with it, no matter the situation. The issue with this is that we are walking our mind to no end with a rush of thoughts and a series of emotions holding tight in an empty space.

This is called "illusion."

Let’s Bring Light To This

Imagine that you are watching a movie clip, in this clip the person in question is you. You are relaxing in a hammock by the water and are smiling. Let’s stop right here!

As you observe yourself in this clip, what you see is exactly what was described above, nothing more. Can you see your mind in this clip? The reality of this clip is a body relaxing in a hammock by the water.

Are you able to see all the thoughts and emotions going through the mind of this body relaxing in a hammock?

This clip represents a moment, a space where a body is relaxing there totally quiet.

This is called: "Living in the Moment" without the mind disturbing your peaceful state.

Now imagine yourself this morning, look at where your body has taken you. During that time, where did your mind take you?

In the past somewhere, in the future somewhere!

Let’s say we go back to your clip but this time, materialize your mind in it from this morning.

I bet your clip would probably burst out thoughts, emotions and events all over the place in that moment in time.

Call It Illusions

Now all the new pictures added to your clip from your mind are call "illusions" because in actuality, they do not exist for your body in that picture. Your body is not acting out all of the events added to the clip. It is relaxing unaware of all these extra events rolling in and out of the picture.

What creates illusions in our lives?

Many aspects in our make-up are clouded with disturbing events which were never resolved emotionally.


Imagine that you have a peaceful mind and a compassionate Heart. You have walked your body through many kind of learning experiences and enjoy every step; since they are no illusions clouding your walk. This would be total enlightenment.

There is a path to enlightenment, the only way to it is; to be aware and in control of your mind. This is when the Heart comes in to help with its Enlighten Crew.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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