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The ultimate destroyer, this energy vibrates very slowly and captures whomever or whatever is in its way. It gets activated through the intent hidden behind the thought. Then as the target is pictured in the mind or with visual contact, it is unleashed and like glue sticks to the target.

The target can be a person, an event, an object; it will stick to whatever it is projected to. It is powered by unresolved emotions. One thing the negative mind doesn’t understand is inner emotions, it believes that emotions live in the negative realm and will act on them accordingly.

Denial is its home; recognition is not an option here. Have you ever tried to talk some sense into someone with pure intent, just to have the person go in total denial? Or watched people on TV starting to clash with each other and then everyone jumping in? Some people watching this on TV and even the news media send even more judgement into the area, activating it even more.

Emotions build up like clouds of negative energy and once people are in it, they start acting out. Some compete with it; others enjoy it, like a huge negative get together just for the fun of who will be more destructive. We are surrounded with constant judgement.

Globally these clouds of negative energies reside in the lay lines above some towns, cities and countries. Depending on who rules and control these areas, unhappy people will judge to no end, some will destroy, others will hide.

The Way Out

Understanding judgement is the primary key here in order to defuse it. Imposed rules on humanity have created much resentment amongst everyone; that we have lost our way back to our heart.

Therefore, the best way to stay out of judgement is to totally be conscious of it when it sneaks into your mind. Some ways to capture these energies is to check your resentment reservoir. This is an area of unhappiness where all your hurt is stored.

It contains past events with people you resent. Such as, for things they did not do for you, or took advantage of you, or belittled you, were mean and destructive towards you, abandoned you, did not love you, the list can be as long as you are able to go down that reservoir. Once at the bottom, pull the plug and allow all the negative emotions that are left to drain out.

This can be done with one event at a time, until you are comfortable that it is resolved within you. Embracing and accepting the energy holding on to the event and releasing it with love, will free it. You will sense a shift or lightness about the event in question. With time these events will have no power over you and will become teachings for others through your experience.

Remember that everyone has one of these reservoir to deal with, that’s why judgement is not necessary and that compassion is the true way to feel for everyone around you and globally.

In other words, judgement is the remnant of what we haven’t dealt with within ourselves. We act out what we dislike the most, we think about it, we act on it, we feel negative about it and we become it. What we believe we become. Sometimes people express to us that we are just like one our parents and usually it is that parent we resent the most.

The Mind Of The Heart

The only mind that understands emotions is the one in the heart. The inner existence of the inner mind in the heart is wisdom. It is built on Love energy and only knows Love. When clearing your reservoir, bring the thoughts of the events in front of your heart, this will make it easier to release, and will push the ego mind out of the way. This will give you a sacred space to work from without interference.

Same goes for local or worldly events unfolding before you, bring the thoughts in front of your heart and surround them with Love and Wisdom then release them as a beautiful energy cloud so it can replace the clouds of judgements surrounding the events.

The way to enlightenment is being conscious of our inner world and treating it like it was our paradise, because it is. This is then projected out to the rest of the world helping someone else to tap into the energy grids of love and Wisdom. The stronger the grids of Light above towns, cities and countries, the more we will be able to enjoy the Peace within us and around us.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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