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Understanding Procrastination

Did you know that procrastination is your best friend? It follows you wherever you go and most of the time walks right in front of you to remind you that you can do whatever needs to be done, “Later.” Isn’t it wonderful how procrastination controls and decides for you when it its time to tackle a task. The issue with procrastination, it does not tell you when you will be doing it, “Ever!”

May be we should have a closer look at this or may be, “Later!” What about taking the front seat and choosing to really look at what procrastination is trying to teach us.

Remember in your childhood when you were asked and forced to do a chore or a task. Since it was not your choosing, you felt controlled by someone deciding for you. At that time you were introduced to procrastination. This new friend of yours was complaining how the task at hand was boring; it would definitely take too much of your time since you could do things that were more exciting; it was not something you wanted to do just yet, and would convince you to just put it on the back burner. Since procrastination lives in an unhurried state, it is a very slow moving energy which drags you down.

Eventually, you start worrying about the deadlines and how others will react, since they are counting on you to get things done. Then all those worries drag you down and you feel exhausted just thinking about it, therefore, back to the back burner it goes.

Since you have entered adulthood, procrastination has followed and is still controlling, deciding when the right time to take on a task will be. However, this is creating discomfort and much in delay in your daily life.

The Role Of
Procrastination Within You

Procrastination resides in an area of your Inner World and is vibrating to a lower form of energy. This affects your perception when trying to make a concrete decision in regards to a task. Your mind associates it with: “I don’t feel like doing this right now,” creating a heavy emotional build up surrounding the task which will now sit in your subconscious.

For example, if you really look at the actual reason you delay on performing a task, you will only find excuses to alleviate the surfacing emotions. Why are these emotions coming forth? (Remember the childhood scenario!) The more you delay an action, the more exhausted you feel when thinking about it. Furthermore, these so called emotions are usually the same type for whatever task you need to do. Interesting!

However, you have the choice to either hire an assistant to keep track of them all or to simply allow procrastination to dissipate by acknowledging it. Procrastination is a tool that surfaces to let you know you need to take action. In order to keep moving with the flow of importance for each task, you need not to sit in the energy of procrastination but rather to tell it “Ok, you are right, thank you, there is a lot of stuff to do here, let’s chose the most important one.”

“The Action Mode On Decision Making” resonates to a higher tone of energy and will surface and take over. This will calm all the emotions of fear, worry, and annoyance to bring you peace of mind.

The Action Mode
On Decision Making

Now that you have calmed the procrastination, the next step is to look at your comfort thermometer for each task at hand. As a result, your perception will come into play!

Let’s bring in 2 scenarios into your perception. Your house hasn’t been cleaned for a week or so, and you have been putting off vacuuming for some reason which we won’t mention here.

1) You start vacuuming; in your mind, thoughts are rolling in; emotions are flaring up as you discover all the dirt on the floor. You are thinking: “Gross, look at all the dirt on the floor, my partner didn’t pick up his/her mess and am stuck cleaning it up again.” Then your emotions take over: “Grrr.. I am angry, I don’t like vacuuming and I always do the vacuuming.” Meanwhile, the house is getting clean while you are upset finishing it up.

In your opinion what kind of energy was left behind while you were cleaning? Negative energies have replaced the dust since your thoughts and emotions were leaving then behind. Might we say that procrastination picked up on it?

This time let’s look at it in a different angle of perception. Bring your focus in your heart and relax your mind and body.

2) You decide to vacuum your house: in your heart’s mind you feel happy and joyful and think how nice and how comfortable everything will be and look once you are done cleaning. Your mind is at peace; your emotions are at peace, you are just doing the action of vacuuming until its all done.

In your opinion what kind of energy was left behind while you were cleaning? Loving and peaceful energies replaced the dust and your house feels beautiful and clear. Might we say that a Loving Action Mode was created here?

In other words, by doing tasks in their rightful time and thinking of the end result as wonderful and taking the actions towards it, will create a wonderful flow of loving energy in your Inner World, around you and in your environment; in this instance procrastination has no room to flourish.

In the end, procrastination is put on the back burner and only surfaces as a reminder to finish without delaying a task. By making a decision through your “Action Mode” with your heart’s mind, it will carry you into appreciation and gratitude in everything you decide to take on.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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