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Transforming Rejection

Everyone feels rejection and rejects at some level, at one point, in their life. What is rejection and how can you transform it in order to free yourself and others from this discomfort?

For starters, rejection is the end result of an opposing force imposed on to you or others. Meaning, when an issue is at the centre for grabs and two or more people want to be in control of it, they compete on a personal, emotional and/or material level; this creates a winner and losers in this situation.  Usually the loser will feel self-conscious and unworthy. Ego is the master controller and the protector of your self-consciousness.

Rejection = Resentment

In another words your ego sees it as failure when it can not control someone or something.


Let’s set aside the Ego and look at competition.  As an individual you are unique in every way, competition is a falsehood. Here is the question to ask yourself, how can two unique or more people compete for who is the best? Since your purpose is different from everyone else, how can it be measured?

Acceptance is the key here, by seeing people with a different perception and allowing them to be who they are with their strengths and weaknesses allows gratitude to take shape in your life.

For example, let’s say you are in a relationship. One person in the relationship gives and the other takes. What do you think will eventually happen?  These are opposing forces which create competition. Resentment will be at the forefront followed by rejection.

In a relationship sharing your love with someone else has no room for competition. It is a flow of love with boundaries and respect. Sharing your love means, you participate in the relationship taking full responsibility for your own action; respect yourself in all your decisions without imposing them onto your partner; you are free to express yourself with respect; you listen and support and are honest with yourself and your partner. This is the base for a relationship built on Love, Respect and Truth.

Therefore, resentment and rejection have no room for an existence here. Rejection teaches you, to look at your intention before handling a situation or making a decision. Is there room for resentment here?

Ask yourself the following questions: “Am I making this decision or expressing myself out of resentment or with the pure intent coming from my heart?”

There is a fine line in everything we do.


Let’s say, you have dealt with a situation with pure intent but the other person is not expressing in the same manner but rather from the Ego, you have met your half of the situation and should not feel intimidated by the other persons resentment because their ego has failed to control you. Walk away in confidence and be proud of your True Self.

For the times when resentment gets the best of you, just embrace it and send it gratitude for making you aware. Then ask for the energy to be released with love.

All in all, Rejection is a wall where the emotions of sadness, hurt, anger, and unworthiness hide behind. Resentment is the negative energy of all these emotions released towards someone whom you could not control and/or did not acknowledge your feelings.

Awareness will remind you and guide you within, just listen for it.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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