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Your Inner Voice

Self-Consciousness and Enlightened Consciousness both reside in your Inner World. One is driven by the Ego and the other by your Heart.

When you were born, Enlightened Consciousness was what you came with. As the years went by and you were exposed to different environments, people’s perceptions and interpretations, you developed a state of Self-Consciousness.

As worries started taking refuge within your inner self, this allowed for that little voice to critic your looks or your words/actions even your abundance; seems like the judgement of others became part of your world.

However there is no need to be defensive, by being willing to acknowledge something you have done wrong, knowing it’s only a mistake towards your better self, is all that matters.

No need to have anyone’s approval either, you are capable of validating yourself quiet well.

No need to waste time with bullies, they are only projecting insecurities and their anger onto you.

Perfection Is State Of Mind

Do you really need to define yourself according to others opinions?

The thing to realize here, is when other people put an opinion onto you, they are actually telling you that they have not accepted within their own world, that assessment of themselves and are judgemental of anyone that will cross their path on that same issue. In other words, you have nothing to do with this person’s perception, since it resides strictly within them. Always surround yourself with people that are kind and loving otherwise you will only get dragged down by negative people.

To begin with, no one is perfect, for the simple reason that perfection is a state of mind. The Ego controls it by convincing you that you need to be perfect. Shedding some light on this, will allow you to see the Ego, the games and the Truth in this matter and take your power back.

In the Inner-World, where a lot of chatting takes place, you can make a decision to take the reigns with confidence and move the chatter in an other area of your brain, acknowledge and embrace it. Know that you can listen to it when you choose to, while discerning what is Truth or not. Meanwhile nurturing your worries with acceptance and knowing that all is good in your world will calm this down.

Comparing yourself to someone else does not give you justice, you are an individual with specific gifts and once you shed light on the inner disturbance, this will allow you to become aware of all that you are. Be gentle and supportive of yourself and have your inner voice only speak with kindness. Allow yourself to travel the path of understanding towards your mastery, enjoying each stepping stone of learning.

When meeting with other people, distinguish between the caring constructive things people express and the destructive uncaring things spiteful people share. This makes a big difference on your self worth. Meanness versus kindness, always pay attention to those two, they compete for attention either in a negative or positive way.

By not allowing other people to tell you who you are or should be, even if it is hard to stand up in your own truth in those moments, remember what you believe within your heart is the truth, no matter what.

Thoughts and Emotions are Energies

Focus is your key to disarming your self-consciousness. When thoughts start surfacing about your worth, redirect them into something constructive. Like your goals, how good you are doing, your achievements and how well you are growing towards the understanding of yourself. Be proud and confident this is your birthright. Once you get into this motion, it will become natural and will build onto itself without anyone diverting you from your success.

Thoughts and emotions are energies which move into action with intent.  Always do your best and give 100% of yourself to yourself, be your best friend and share that with others. Honesty is the most valued asset within your inner world. This is the path to Inner Truth and Wisdom.

Listen with an opened heart, if you sense yourself going into judgement, redirect your mind into your heart and breathe. Remember others are in the same boat and are trying to find themselves. You can be of help by sharing your growth with them and expressing it from your heart.

At the end of the day, assess your Self-Consciousness and Enlightened Consciousness, which is residing in your Inner-World?

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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