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Victim Consciousness

Have you noticed how fast a victim can form within you? Where did it come from and what does it want? As children we were always finding new ways of doing things. We would play to no end, discovering, creating games and the rules that went with them, nature was a big part of our discovery and we were learning new skills. We were Queens and Kings of our Kingdom. We were invincible!

However, one day adults came into our kingdom and started imposing their own rules, perceptions and judgement. We were upset, they did not understand our world of discovery, their rules made no sense, and how could we survive such an attack on our kingdom.

Our courage stood before us against the invasion. But they were strong in body and voice; they knew much more than us. We were over taken and did not know how to save our Kingdom.

As we rebelled, they got stronger and had the power of punishment. This is when the Victim came into our Inner World. Feeling powerless and ashamed, the victim started putting us down, telling us we were weak, and that we did not know anything.

Now we were being invaded from the outside world by adults and by the victim in our own Inner World. Did we inherit the victim from our adults?

Victim Consciousness is the self destructive mode in our Inner World. It has as much power as we give it. But there is a way to conquer it and satisfy it so it will become an ally.

As an adult now, we have tools to regain power over our Kingdom and dismantle the negative part of the victim.

Creating Boundaries

Consequently, as adult we have the body and voice to access our Inner World and Outer World with courage and confidence. Boundaries are the way to build, activate and surround our Inner World with this Golden Gate which repels negative energies.

Making decisions for yourself to how far you will allow someone to invade your world will calm the victim. Instead it will stand strong and express the set boundaries with determination without guilt or shame.

This is the power the victim provides in the positive form. It is the guard at the Golden Gate and will state to the outer world how close someone is allowed to come to your kingdom.

Therefore, boundaries are the decisions we make about our comfort zone. In order for someone to respect your world, you need to know where to draw the line.

Standing at the Golden Gate

As an example, let’s say you have a discomfort with authority; focus on your heart and be yourself with confidence, know that you are free from any restraint imposed onto you. At your Golden Gate, stands someone very powerful and knows how wonderful you are. When anyone tries to convince you that you are lesser, stand strong with gentleness in your heart and tell them that you do not share their perception of you.

By not getting into arguments with someone and trying to defend their perception of you, this will free you. You never have to explain to anyone why you do what you do from your heart, this is your sacred place and is to be respected. Everyone has a different perception based on their own experiences in the negative world. Most do not realized that they reflect on others their own fear and discomfort since they have not set boundaries to reflect their comfort zone.

With time your boundaries become very powerful; your self respect shines onto the outer world repelling toxic people. You become invisible to negativity and attract what you reflect. Be gentle with yourself, when negativity surfaces from within, embrace it and release it with love. This will allow you to thrive in a peaceful existence that is rightfully yours.

Therefore, remember the children, they are our treasures of knowledge and love. Allow them to create and discover within this world, they are changing it with their pure hearts.

Blessings of Love and Gratitude
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